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Let's Not Go Camping

I've seen a lot of messaging about reuse and most of it is wrong. Maybe I'm just a stickler on this. I've seen companies say, "We support reuse," but it's just them encouraging their customers to bring their cups, bags, silverware, etc. That's not reuse, that's BYOB. Great that you're

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We Can't Let Reuse Be Co-Opted by the Bullshitters

When witnessing a bullshit argument, I tend to scrunch up my face. As if the words I've read smelled bad. In a conversation, one may say, "Excuse me?" which is the polite way to get someone to rethink the shit they said. Since it's text, I re-read the sentence, scrunch

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Why do we keep falling for this?

In my undergrad at Florida International University, I took a class on US Environmental Policy. The professor summarized US policy in one sentence I'll never forget. He said, "If the policy isn't working, the US will do more of it." In this edition of failed US environmental policy, we have

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My Physical Therapists Asks Me About Recycling At The Worst Possible Time

I went to physical therapy to get my ankles worked on. On the wall was a huge black flag with a skull and crossbones in the middle and the words, "Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves." I knew I was in for a painful one. As the trainer worked on

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Linkedin Brouhaha Caused by Cup Washing Machine

I posted the video below on LinkedIn and it caused a virtual brouhaha. 0:00/1× People were up in arms because the device used lots of water. Many were concerned about its energy use. Others proposed a life cycle assessment. Some screamed, "Footprint!" Never invite an environmentalist to a

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The struggles of writing...

Five years ago, I decided to write a book about reuse, recycling, and the milkman model. Growly was in its early stages and I thought this model could transform the waste & recycling industry. I spent a lot of time working on waste and recycling and I felt like I had