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Hey! I'm Daniel Velez, and I'm an advocate for reuse and the milkman model. There is no good reason why we need to continue using frivolous single-use plastic for packaging everything when it isn't good for our planet, health, or wallets. There is a better way.

I'll be exploring, covering, and giving my thoughts on the growing reuse trends and the milkman model on this blog.

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Here are a few places he's been interviewed, given a presentation, or shared an article.

Previous Ventures


Growly is on a mission to transform packaging for a better world. Growly delivers locally made craft beer, cold brew coffee, and kombucha in returnable growlers for artisans in the Phoenix Metro. Growly delivers using the milkman model and offers small businesses "packaging-as-a-service."

Circle  Blue

Circle Blue is a zero waste consultancy. It successfully got Laird Elementary School to zero waste and Tempe Academy of International Studies to 88% diversion. Circle Blue has worked with organizations of all sizes, from small coffee shops to large corporations, such as Fair Trade Cafe, Tempe Elementary School District #3, and Native American Connections, to name a few. Circle Blue's Status Quo to Zero Waste process assessed an organization's culture, analyzed their waste stream and GHG impact, and create and implemented a plan to get that organization to zero waste. Circle Blue won the 2017 Pakis Social Entrepreneurship Challenge from ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business.

You can see our process in a slideshow presentation I gave at the Arizona Recycling Coalition Conference in 2017 here.