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4 Resources You Need to Stay on Top of Reuse, Refill, and the Milkman Model

I’ve found 1147 reuse businesses so you don’t have to. Get some inspiration by clicking around and seeing what reuse innovation is happening all over the world.

Daniel Velez
Daniel Velez
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4 Resources You Need to Stay on Top of Reuse, Refill, and the Milkman Model

Are you looking to start a reuse business? Or maybe just find one near you? Wondering where to begin?

Look no further. I've scoured the internet and these are the four best global resources to keep up on the latest from reuse organizations.

Living Landscape of Reusable Solutions

Living Landscape of Reusable Solutions

Moss & Mollusk Consulting created the most comprehensive database of reuse, comprised of thorough research and exhaustive data collection. According to their data, 61% of customers are washing reusable items and 52% of organizations have no fee, deposit, or penalty for not returning reusable items. I would have thought that few customers were washing reusable items and almost all businesses required a deposit, but the data says otherwise.

Browsing their database should give you some inspiration.


In addition to the database, I’d encourage you to subscribe to their comprehensive newsletter that includes reuse news, interviews, investment updates, and more.

Upstream Solutions

Upstream Solutions

Reuse nonprofit Upstream Solutions (full disclosure: I sit on their board) has a wonderful reuse directory. It's not as exhaustive as the Living Landscape directory, but it's user-friendly and has an interactive map. In addition to the reuse directory, Upstream also has a network of community coalitions to join, such as Reusable Columbus, Reusable Reno, or Reusable Austin. If there isn't a coalition in your area, you can start your own.

Community Coalitions

Upstream is the leader in reuse. They work on policy, host a podcast, conduct livestreams, publish a newsletter, and more. Their latest livestream involved a panel discussion with experts in the industry discussing reuse at events.

Upstream also hosts the next resource on this list...

The Reusies

The Reusies

The Reusies are "The Oscars of the Reuse Movement" —a professionally produced award show for the reuse movement.

Last year’s award winners:

The award winners are selected by industry expert judges. The 2021 panel included Lauren Singer (CEO of Package Free Shop), William McDonough (Author of Cradle to Cradle), and Erin Simon (World Wildlife Fund).

Want to discover the latest and best companies in reuse? Find them at the 2022 Reusies!

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is the world's thought leader on the circular economy. In 2019, they published a fantastic report on reusable packaging, which you can find here:

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The report is easy to read and provides useful graphics. It includes a comprehensive list of reuse companies divided into four different categories: refill at home, refill on the go, return from home, and return on the go.


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